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Education and Training

The University of Missouri educates the state's workforce.

MU offers more than 280 undergraduate degree programs and more than 100 graduate programs, including degrees in law, medicine and veterinary medicine.

Mizzou educates the workforce: 8,047 degrees were granted in 2011-2012. 2,896 (roughly 1 in 3) were awarded in the areas of Math, Engineering, Technology, and other Science fields.

Continuing education

MU understands that learning doesn't stop with the awarding of a degree or the procurement of a job. Mizzou helps train and educate the people of Missouri throughout their careers, offering online, evening, distance and Extension programs as well as training designed for specialized fields and positions.  

Mizzou offers access to credit and non-credit programs through:

Mizzou Online

Online and distance programs for students who want to hone skills in their professions or prepare for new careers. In 2011-2012, Mizzou offered 66 online degree options in nearly 700 online courses.

MU Extension’s Continuing Education

Courses, degrees, certificate programs, conferences, seminars and other professional-development activities tailored to the needs of employers. Services include management training, event planning, on-site courses, industrial safety instruction and continuing education for professionals.

Missouri Business Development Program

Programs to help Missouri's entrepreneurs succeed in private enterprise and to promote Missouri economic development through a network of business counselors located throughout the state. Programs include:

All in all, from 2012 through 2014, the program helped clients create more than $2 billion in economic impact, including creating or retaining 27,170 jobs, increasing sales by $643 million, acquiring investments of $661 million and winning government contracts of $809 million.

Missouri Training Institute

Training and consulting services designed to improve business performance and organizational effectiveness for public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Along with customized training, MTI offers courses in professional development, supervision, management and human resources. The institute provided 537 business programs for 11,903 people.

MU Fire and Rescue Training

Continuing professional education for career and volunteer firefighters, allied emergency service personnel, and private-sector and institutional emergency brigade members. FRTI also offers training and services in counter-terrorism and emergency management. The Institute instructed 17,096 firefighteres and emergency responders through 696 courses.

MU Labor Education Program

Educational services for organized labor leaders and members in Missouri. Offerings include the Labor Studies Certificate Program, non-credit continuing-education courses and a union summer camp.

Continuing Medical Education

Accredited continuing medical education for physicians. Programs include seminars, symposia and conferences.

Nursing Outreach and Distance Education

Professional-development conferences and online degree programs for nursing professionals. Fields include adult public health, school-nurse training, leadership in nursing and health-care systems, nursing education, oncology, gerontology, women's health, mental health and pediatrics.

Veterinary Medical Extension and Continuing Education

Continuing professional education activities and services, including newsletters, guide sheets, conferences, seminars and short courses. A mid-career program is conducted to give in-depth individualized training in special areas to practicing veterinarians. The program served 2,500 people via events, farm visits, and presentations.

MU and Three Rivers, Partners in Education

The new partnership allows a seamless transition for students with associate degrees into corresponding bachelor programs at MU.  The institutions have commitments to higher education and providing accessible, high-quality education to the residents of Southeast Missouri will increase the quality of our naiton's future workforce.

Missouri Council on Economic Education

The Missouri Council on Economic Education, MCEE, provides Missourians with investor education, workshops for parents, economic analysis and community forums on a variety of economics and personal finance topics.”