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Licensing Technology

Using the resources available on campus and beyond, the University of Missouri works to identify, assess, protect and market commercially viable products and services that get their start at Mizzou.

Mizzou pursues licensing agreements with partners in business and industry. Agreements may be exclusive or non-exclusive and are adapted to best suit the needs of each situation and partnership.

Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations

MU's Office of Technology Management and Industry Relations seeks lasting relationships with commercial partners, leveraging marketing efforts with the inventors' knowledge to find the best fit. Facilitating licensing, patents and marketing, the office helps to legally protect intellectual property and generate income for the university and inventors. Contact the office at at 573-882-6013.


  • Receive invention disclosure forms and evaluate the inventions for novelty, utility and commercial relevance.
  • Manage the intellectual property, reporting and compliance obligations of federal, state and industrial sponsored research contracts on all inventions created by faculty.
  • Seek intellectual property protection.
  • Identify potential licensees.
  • Negotiate intellectual-property-related agreements for commercially viable technologies.