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Master Research Agreements

A Master Research Agreement can be drafted and signed to cover contractual aspects of a relationship between the University of Missouri and a business with which the university has formed a partnership. This agreement can facilitate multiple projects.


  • Statement of work (project, scope, participants)
  • Period of performance
  • Project costs and awards
  • Invoice submission and payment terms
  • Equipment titles
  • Deliverables and reports (including deadlines)
  • Records (including length of availability)
  • Contract termination terms
  • Publication rights
  • Patents, copyrights, licensing and intellectual property
  • Use and protection of confidential information
  • Publicity and use of the university's name
  • Notices
  • Relationship of parties
  • Assignment of contract
  • Contract modification agreement
  • Indemnification
  • Applicable law
  • Use of purchase order
  • Budget

See a sample Master Research Agreement.