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MU Researchers: From Lab to Marketplace

The Sensor System

While some go to the doctor once a year, many residents at the TigerPlace assisted living community in southeast Columbia get a virtual checkup every day. Wireless sensor systems installed in about half of the community’s living spaces constantly monitor residents’ vitals and calculate their risk of falling.
That monitoring system, created by University of Missouri researchers, is starting to appear in other assisted living homes and hospitals throughout the state. A new program through the Sinclair School of Nursing is helping the technology break into the mass market. Marilyn Rantz, professor emeritus with the School of Nursing, and Marjorie Skubic, a professor with MU’s College of Engineering, have worked to create the system for more than a decade. Rantz said she and Skubic have a shared passion for predicting health changes and the risk of falls because both have seen the effects one fall can have on the health of an elderly person.
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