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Missouri Leads Nation in Overseas Trade Office

And More DED News

According to the State International Development Organization’s 2015 survey of state trade directors, Missouri is one of the nation’s leaders in operating overseas trade offices. The state currently maintains 12 overseas locations, the third most in the country. Together with Missouri’s local staff of trade experts, these offices play a major role in helping Show-Me State companies grow their businesses by promoting and selling their goods in overseas markets. Missouri’s commitment to export assistance has resulted in huge dividends for the state, with a recent panel discussion of current and past governors revealing that Missouri’s total export sales for the first three quarters of 2015 reached $10.1 billion, a 2.3 percent increase over the same period last year.

Missouri foreign trade offices can be found in:

     Canada                                China                                   Germany
     Mexico                                 Republic of Korea                Singapore
     Brazil                                   Taiwan                                  India
     United Kingdom                   Japan                                   Hong Kong

These offices are maintained by the Missouri International Trade & Investment Office (ITI), a division of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Through the ITI’s many international locations, as well as its Missouri-based staff of knowledgeable trade experts, the team can help you maximize your export potential and connect with customers around the world.

For more Economic Development News visit the Missouri Department of Economic Development's website and watch the short video below!