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Diagnosing Bacterial Infections Quicker

A St. Louis-based company is developing a 30-minute test for diagnosing bacterial infections. 

Nanopore Diagnostics

Fifty percent of the time you’ve been prescribed an antibiotic, you probably didn’t need it, says Tom Cohen, Ph.D., co-founder and C.E.O of Nanopore Diagnostics, LLC. 

Cohen’s team at Nanopore Diagnostics is working to develop a 30-minute test for diagnosing bacterial infections, which will help doctors correctly and confidently prescribe antibiotics. MU-licensed technology, pioneered by Andrew Gu, Ph.D., associate professor of bioengineering, is helping make this happen. Check out more information in this video produced by Mizzou Creative for the Bringing Up Business 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurial Recognition Dinner.