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When Business and Gaming Collide

MU Student Founds EpicEd

Four years ago last Thursday, Connor Hall was on his family’s yacht in the Florida Keys when tragedy struck.

He went to hitch the boat to a mooring buoy when the rope looped around his right thumb and pulled it off.

A competitive gamer, Hall needed all of his digits — particularly his thumb — to follow his dream. He underwent surgery and, because his tendon and artery were in place, doctors were able to reattach his thumb.

After three months of rehabilitation, Hall participated in a gaming tournament in his hometown of St. Louis that wound up being the first victory of his career. He compared it to athletes who tear their ACLs and come back stronger than ever.

A senior finance major at the University of Missouri, Hall’s competitive gaming career has come to a close, but his contributions to video games are far from over.

Hall partnered with MU alumnus Jack Jones and Dan Clay, dean of MU’s College of Education, earlier this year to found EpicEd, a company dedicated to promoting the positive aspects of gaming to kids through a series of classes and camps. Learn more about how Hall combined his passion for gaming with his background in business at the Columbia Daily Tribune.