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UM System Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Dustin Stanton

Zora Mulligan (left) and Hank Foley (right) present the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Dustin Stanton. 

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri System Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Research and Economic Development Hank Foley today presented the Student Entrepreneur of the Year award to Dustin Stanton, a December 2014 agribusiness management graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Stanton was surprised with the award while serving as a guest presenter at a course on entrepreneurship taught by Randall Westgren, McQuinn Chair of Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The award, which includes a $2,500 prize, recognizes students who have demonstrated innovation, originality and entrepreneurial spirit in the development of processes, products or technologies of commercial potential and/or of benefit to the University of Missouri.

Stanton’s entrepreneurial journey began long before he entered college. In fact, it began at age six in Centralia, Missouri, when he founded Stanton Brothers Eggs as an avenue to generate an allowance and with the hope of bringing his brother, Austin, into the business when he was old enough.  Sixteen years later, he has done just that: Stanton Brothers Eggs is now recognized by the USDA and the FDA as the nation’s largest independent, free-range egg operation.

“I have been more than blessed with the success of my business and give much credit to the help of my family and the support of my customers,” Stanton said. “I have recently received my degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and plan to use this valuable knowledge to continue to expand my business.”

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