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MU Bioengineering

1 of 15 "that might just save the world"

The Enterprise Holdings Foundation donated $2 million to the University of Missouri last year to establish an endowment for sustainability energy research. Today, university researchers have already achieved promising results, specifically in the field of biofuels.

Courtesy of MU Bioengineering and, an online directory providing potential students with information on hundreds of colleges and universities, named MU’s Bioengineering Department as one of “15 Environmental Programs That Just Might Save the World.” The article selected programs which best “focus on developing ways of conserving natural resources, preparing people to adapt to emergent environmental disruptions and repairing some of the impact climate change has already had.”

The article said the following about the MU bioengineering program: “As the name might suggest, this program is a fusion of biological science with engineering which seeks to make a connection between engineering and environmentalism. Bioengineering students can learn how to design and develop new technology intended to improve the environment as well as human and animal health.”

Click to visit MU Bioengineering or click here to visit the full article at WorldWideLearn (which includes comments from Associate Professor Steven Borgelt).