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MO SBTDC infused $670 million 

into Missouri’s economy over 4 years 

Economic Growth

Report says University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program’s Small Business Technology and Development Centers infused $670 million into Missouri’s economy over four years.

A new report from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) says the Missouri Small Business Technology & Development Centers (MO SBTDC), a University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program (BDP) located in universities and Extension offices statewide, exceeded its annual capital infusion goal by nearly 150 percent, pumping more than $670 million into Missouri’s economy over four fiscal years, $164 million in fiscal year 2013.

outline of Missouri with various types of workers“Last July, our SBA program manager traveled across the state to review our program,” said Chris Bouchard, statewide MO SBTDC director. “She interviewed many people face-to-face and many more by phone. I don’t think we could have asked for a better report. We have a great network of people who produce extraordinary results daily for Missouri, and I could not be prouder of them.”

“The results are an efficient and effective SBTDC network providing high client satisfaction and impressive economic impact for the state of Missouri,” the report says.

A review of multiple centers, documentation and personnel examined three overarching MO SBTDC goals for fiscal year 2013: Number of long-term clients who had signed up for MO SBTDC services, new business starts and capital infusion. The long-term goal of attaining 995 clients was exceeded (1,003 clients); new business starts was at 98 percent (goal, 250, actual number, 244); and the capital infusion goal of $110 million exceeded by 149 percent.

The report also examined these three goals over four years, noting that the MO SBTDC met or exceeded SBA goals in each category. The MO SBTDC shines in capital infusion, however, achieving 194 percent of goal for FY 2010, 164 percent for FY 2011, 117 percent for FY 2012 and 149 percent for FY 2013, for a total of more than $670 million. The report also noted that the MO SBTDC had already exceeded its FY 2014 capital infusion goal of $101.3 million.

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