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Hank Foley, the Man with the Plan

The Five-Point Strategy

Hank Foley stands in his office at University Hall. Photo by Anthony Jinson.

When Beyond Meat opened its doors in Columbia, it was a shining example of business partnering with academic research. Thanks to a united effort involving the University of Missouri, business and community leaders, the company moved its plant here from Maryland and brought with it jobs and an enterprising spirit.

Several months later, Hank Foley, senior vice chancellor for research and graduate studies at MU, arrived with a plan to ride that spirit. Responding to a hypercompetitive market for federal research dollars, he developed a five-point strategy to increase academic research and bring more of it to the marketplace.

Foley moved to Columbia in August 2013 as UM executive vice president for academic affairs, research and economic development. Last March, he also took on his position at MU.

“The two roles are complementary,” he says. “Like two gears, they mesh together very nicely.” He is, after all, an engineer. With a master’s degree in chemistry from Purdue University and a doctorate in physical and inorganic chemistry from Penn State University, he has spent the whole of his academic career in chemical engineering.

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