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Entrepreneur of the Week 5

Dr. Jerry Taylor

Jerry Taylor

Photo courtesy of Mizzou Weekly

For our fifth and final entrepreneur of the week, our Office is highlighting Dr. Jerry Taylor for his work with animal genomics (study of the genomes). With his research focus on cattle, he is able to isolate and study different traits of these animals such as disease resistance, feed efficiency, and more. His unique methods through generating DNA profiles allows for profound changes and studies without the high costs of the past. Ultimately, this makes the world a better place as we cut costs both financial and environmentally all the while lowering food security. Video profiles were created, compiled, and previewed at the MU Entrepreneurial Recognition Breakfast in celebration of MU technologies and faculty.

Week 5: Dr. Jerry Taylor

Dr. Jerry Taylor is the University of Missouri Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences and Wurdack Chair of Animal Genomics. Taylor received a Ph.D. in Quantitative Genetics at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. He was awarded an Australian Dairy Research Scholarship to support him while he studied for the Ph.D. This opportunity opened his eyes to the field of genetics and to animal agriculture. Taylor has acquired more than $39 million in extramural funding for his genomics research, publishing 182 journal articles and five book chapters and has edited a book. He also has five patents and has given more than 300 national and 50 international invited presentations. He has trained 44 graduate students and 13 postdoctoral fellows in his laboratory. His national and international recognition as a leader in genomics is unsurpassed, according to Geisert.  He has also received many awards for his work, including Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Learn more here >>