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Deaton Works on New Initiative for MU

Targeting Leadership and International Development

Photo courtesey of the Mizzou Magazine.

University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe said after Deaton retired that the university was honoring Deaton with a new program, the Brady and Anne Deaton Institute for Leadership and International Development. The organization focuses on how the university can be more effective in influencing international development in areas such as food security and economic development.

Deaton so far has divided his time between Columbia and traveling to conferences or events. Deaton said his job is to advocate for the university and be a liaison between the research community, the policy community and the university. He said he's made several major presentations around the country.

"I'm trying to get as familiar as possible with the range of research we're doing at the university so I know what we're on the cutting edge of," Deaton said. "I've done a lot of relationship building and information collecting. I take all of what I've learned about what we're doing and bring it with me to meetings and conferences."

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