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Beyond Meat Moves Beyond

Faux Chicken To "Beef" Product Line

Beyond Meat Process and Product Engineer Justin Fuller explains the consistency of the chicken - flavored product on Monday at the Beyond Meat facility in Columbia. The products look, feel and taste like their animal meat counterparts, Fuller said. Beyond Me at has been able to expand its product line to include both chicken - flavored and beef - flavored plant protein products, thanks to investors such as Bill Gates. 

COLUMBIA — It started simple enough with vegetarian chicken strips created at MU. 

Leigh Lockhart of Main Squeeze, a vegetarian restaurant on Ninth Street, has been working the Beyond Meat chicken strips into her food for her customers since the product was first introduced.

“Customers have responded very favorably,” Lockhart said. “I haven’t talked to someone who hasn’t liked it.”

Lockhart creates different dishes with the faux chicken including a vegan chicken salad, sesame chicken salad and Philly cheese steak sandwich.

“It’s a real easy product to work with,” she said.

Rose Kness and her husband, Larry, a vegan couple living near Mexico, Missouri, , drive 65 miles twice a week to pick up food from Main Squeeze and Natural Grocers. They're especially fond of Lockhart's vegan chicken salad.

"I have ordered the chicken salad, my husband says by the truckloads, to go to family functions," Kness said. "We like the texture. It tastes just like meat."

When Beyond Meat opened its Columbia plant in 2012, it only produced chicken strips. The company has since diversified its product line to include soy-free "beef" crumbles.

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