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Advancing Renewables

in the Midwest

Advancing Renewables in the Midwest

The Ninth Annual conference takes place on April 8th on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. There are a variety of sessions concerning green efforts in the Midwest ranging from "Current Trends in the Biofuels Industry", "Greenhouse Gas Implications of Bioenergy", and even "Funding Opportunities for Rural Renewable Energy Projects.


The purpose of "Advancing Renewables in the Midwest" conference is to identify, display, and promote programs, policies, and projects that enhance the use of renewable energy resources in the Midwest for the economic benefit of the region. The focus of speaker topics and agendas are large scale projects, either through direct installation or through amalgamation of small scale projects.

The one-day conference is held in the spring at the University of Missouri. It is co-sponsored by the University of Missouri, the Missouri Department of Economic Development, and Columbia Water and Light. It has been an ongoing annual event since 2006.

Registration for the Conference is open all the way up until the start of the conference; however, the earlier you register the less you pay!

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