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University Hospital Unveils

A Neurosciences Center

University Hospital physicians Pradeep Sahota, left, and Scott Litofsky explain equipment used to treat patients with a variety of neurological diseases at the new 28-bed Missouri Neurosciences Center at University Hospital. (Photo by Don Shrubshell)

A new neurosciences center is opening tomorrow on the seventh floor of University Hospital that will allow neurologists and neurosurgeons to collaborate more closely using the latest technology.

The Missouri Neurosciences Center is an addition five years in the making that brings together on one floor the doctors and nurses who have the expertise to treat and operate on those with brain-related conditions. Before the new space, those teams had been on separate floors even though their work overlapped.

Even without a center, though, the team of neuroscientists at University of Missouri Health Care is award-winning for its expertise in stroke treatment and nationally recognized for its epilepsy program.

"Now we have the facility to go with the ability to give the best care to our patients," said Pradeep Sahota, chairman of the MU School of Medicine's Department of Neurology.

He and Scott Litofsky, chief of the division of neurosurgery, gave the Tribune a tour of the center before a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning.

The center has four rooms specifically set up for patients suffering from epilepsy. The rooms are connected to a system that allows health care providers to monitor patients 24 hours a day to watch for signs of seizures. Although some outwardly signs, such as shaking, are obvious, others carry more subtle eye or mouth movements, Sahota said.

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