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Nanova Receives $6 million

From Chinese Investors

Pictured from Left to Right: MU Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton, Director of the Wujin District Bin Zhou, and Mayor Bob McDavid

Who is Nanova?

Nanova is a Columbia-based technology company that focuses on innovating and producing new dental, cardiovascular, and orthopedic products using nanotechnology. Nanova began in 2006 through the work of two associate professors in the mechanical and aerospace engineering department in MU's College of Engineering, Dr. Hao Li and Dr. Qingsong Yu, and the chief scientist at Nanova, Meng Chan. Dr. Hao Li, in particular, specializes in materials science. His research is focused on nanostructured materials, composites, biomaterials, and medical devices. Through his research, he has been able to develop reliable and innovative methods of utilizing nanotechnology in the orthopedic, dental, and cardiovascular fields to meet the growing demand in the health care community.

The Investment Agreement

Through Dr. Hao Li's connections to China, Columbia and MU were able to host representatives from the industrial and technology district of Wujin on March 26th. An investment of $6 million was secured for Nanova, Inc., from the Chinese Venture Capital firm, SummitView Capital. Along with the generous investment, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the City of Columbia, MU, and the Wujin district that signifies a future of partnership in the area of research, trade, and economic development.

Guests at the ceremony included Mayor Bob McDavid, Director of the Wujin District Bin Zhou, MU Deputy Chancellor Mike Middleton, Dr. Hao Li, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at MU, and more.


Investors and Official Gather at the Mark Twain Ballroom in the Memorial Union

Investors and Officials Celebrate the Newly Forged Partnership


Currently, Nanova is focused on creating a new product that is described as a "plasma brush".  The dental instrument can disinfect and clean cavities before fillings in less than 30 seconds with no side effects. Other innovations include bioabsorbable bone screws, coronary stents, and even bioabsorbable nanofibers that can be utilized for reconstructive use all over the human body.

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