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Mizzou's Entrepreneurship Alliance

"The Guts to Do It"

Entrepreneurship Alliance

Entrepreneurship Alliance students do much of their learning outside the classroom—sometimes way outside.

There seems to be a trend among a select group of entrepreneurship students at the University of Missouri. When a student graduates from or participates in the Entrepreneurship Alliance program at MU, a new business often follows.  

Influence & Co., Trade Serve and Igniting Business—all based in Columbia—were founded by university entrepreneurship students, to name a few, and even more are working at local innovative companies like Veteran’s United

It wasn’t like this three years ago when Greg Bier, a business professor and intrapreneur himself, was helping lead the university’s entrepreneurship group, called the Flegel Academy for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, which primarily brought in speakers to a group of scholarship students. 

In 2011, with sponsorship from David and Suzie Spence, the Entrepreneurship Alliance grew out of its predecessor to help students not only learn about entrepreneurship, but gain entrepreneurship experience by doing. Bier (left) became the director of the program.

“Most entrepreneurship programs involve coursework on business planning, product development, marketing, etc.,” according to the program’s mission statement online. “The EA took this approach to another level based on the fact that many students finished these programs but still lacked the skills and personality traits to execute an idea."

Students across all disciplines—from journalism to business—are not only executing ideas through this Alliance, but staying in Columbia.

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