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National Award

For "Cheetah's Continue"

Alan Spell of MERIC (Left) and David Schmidt of BRIDG (Right) are pictured above with their "Program Impact" award, a national recognition.

The C2ER or The Council For Community and Economic Research held their 2012 Annual Conference & LMI Training Institute Annual Forum in Oklahoma City, OK on June 4-8, 2012.  This conference brought together industry leaders, business minds and academics in one setting to promote excellence in community and economic research.  It was at this conference that Alan Spell and David Schmidt were recognized and awarded for their work in "Cheetah's Continue".  Click here to learn more about the C2ER and the work they are involved in.

Alan Spell is the Research Manager for the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center (MERIC). MERIC provides innovative research and assistance to policymakers and the public, including studies of the state's economic trends, targeted industries, and labor markets.  Alan's sixteen years of economic development experience includes a wide range of industry, workforce, economic impact, and site selection analyses. Click here to learn more about MERIC.

David Schmidt, PhD, is an associate professor in the area of industrial engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  On top of this, he is the Director of BRIDG, the Business Research and Information Development Group.  BRIDG serves as the programmatic research arm of the University of Missouri Extension's Business Development Program. It provides both applied and secondary research and evaluations on Missouri's small business and entrepreneurial community.  For more information on BRIDG, click here.

The business research report "Cheetah's Continue" is a study on how Missouri's fastest growing firms weathered the recession.  The MERIC worked directly with the University of Missouri-Columbia to procure survey data and analyze reasons behind firms' continued success, investments in continued growth as well as links and connections to the local economy.  Their crucial and paramount research provides important lessons and evidence on methods and ways to survive and even grow as businesses through recessions.  For a direct look at their work, click here!

We, at the Office of Economic Development, congratulate both Alan and David, as well as those who provided their assistance to the study, on their national recognition and wish them further successes in their research and other related endeavors.