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The League of Innovators

Sparking innovation through events, space, and collaboration

There is an innovation spark that occurs when creative people interact. We want to help you make those connections.

The Office of Economic Development has synthesized information from The League of Innovators website below:

The League of Innovators exists to connect innovators together, to sustain a community of resources, involvement, mentorship, sponsorship, and much more.  Through hosting events, fostering the downtown incubator and providing various resources, The League of Innovators is doing its part to sustain our community.

Speakers. Ideas. Spark. Brainstorming.

New ideas are key for learning and innovation. Through various events we provide opportunities to hear progressive ideas, develop business skills, or even get funded.

Office Space. Think Tank. Connections. Collaborate.

Need workspace for a new venture? A getaway from the formal office setting? The Downtown Incubator will provide a place for innovators to work 24/7 and collaborate with other creative minds.

Community. Innovation. Support. Interaction.

The League of Innovators is more than a place. It is a community of people from different backgrounds who share a common passion for innovation.

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