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College Colors Day

The Economic Development Professionals and Staff takes a break on College Colors Day 2013. Back: Hai Kim, Steve Wyatt, and Mike Chippendale. Front: Sherri Helm, Annette Sobel, and Vicki Dennison. Not Pictured: Beth Fisher


It was photo day for a majority of departments and organizations across the University as the campus celebrated College Colors Day 2013. At the Office of Economic Development, we connect the wide variety of assets and resources from the University of Missouri and community with viable organizations, academics, entrepreneurs, and more, for the betterment of not only the campus but the community as well.

Constantly networking with professionals and attending constant meetings and conference calls can seem tiring but we find it an absolute joy to support the integral operations of our Missouri Tigers. HOORAY! HURRAH! MIZZOU! MIZZOU!

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College Colors Day 2013