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Be Fearless

MU Research Leaps Ahead Of The Pack

INNOVATION AND COMMERCE. Rob Duncan (LEFT), MU Vice Chancellor for research, and Tom Skalak (RIGHT), Vice President for research at the University of Virginia, spoke at the Hampton Inn & Suites on June 5th about the role of research universities in business creation. Photo credit to Rob Hill.

Universities and educational institutions are certainly the foundations of our economy and our very future as a society.  Our source of innovation, research, and development.  A recently held event called, "Building a Knowledge-Based Economy: Global Competitiveness through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Public-Private Partnerships," a part of the Mizzou Corporate Roundtable series, revealed the strengths of Mizzou as a research university.

Mizzou is a research campus.  In fact, it is one of 5 institutions nationwide with law, medicine, veterinary medicine and a nuclear research reactor on one campus.  Why is research so important?  Well, simplistically, research universities create.  Creation, innovation and technology can translate to commercialized products for the Missourian economy.  On top of the educational facilities and academics that allow for such research, Mizzou has outstanding leaders to help procure research grants.

In fact, Tom Skalek, Vice President for Research at the University of Virginia commended MU's commitment to and expertise in research.

"Skalak acknowledged MU’s success as a research institution. In fiscal 2010, for example, the university brought in $425 million in external funding through sponsored research, contracts and diverse services. From 2007 to 2010, MU’s transfer office doubled its patent production. The MU Research Reactor Center is No. 1 in America in shipping radioisotopes for health care applications, Duncan said."

"But things could be better. Skalak said it comes down to a slight attitude adjustment. In a phrase: Be fearless.  He said successful research universities are willing to push research boundaries while also being unafraid to pull the plug on hapless projects."

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