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Seed Money

New Biotech Firms Take Root In Columbia

Seed Money

Luis Jimenez, chief executive officer of EternoGen, speaks with team members Rebecca Rone (left) and Sheila and Dave Grant. EternoGen, a company that has created a long-lasting collagen skin filler, will receive up to $200,000 from university Enterprise Investment Program (EIP) funding. Mark Lee, also an EIP recipient, speaks with a member of the media in the background.

In the face of proposed budget cuts, the University of Missouri System is taking a do-it-yourself approach to statewide economic recovery.

The tactic is entrepreneurial and pragmatic. Short on jobs? Make some. Seeking scientific breakthroughs? Support research. Need a way to convert ideas and talents — the melding of Missouri’s great minds — into marketable products that can improve lives? Make an investment.

Buoying both the economy and the academy, the UM System’s Enterprise Investment Program, a funding source for Missouri high-tech startup companies, is contributing to two new ventures conceived at MU.

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