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10 Elements Of Great Company Culture

Essential Components To Every Company's Strategy

Paul Spiegelman is founder and CEO of The Beryl Companies and he utilizes his first-hand experience as a resource for his analysis.

Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution. I boiled down our culture strategy into 10 essential components I call the "10 Cs of Culture."

1. Core Values

I used to be very cynical about "core values." I thought these were just mottos written on plaques hanging on the wall. But when we implemented our values strategy at Beryl about 10 years ago, I began to see how they guided everyday decision-making and how employees referenced them in meetings. I came to realize they are essential guideposts when developed, communicated, and executed in a consistent manner. Values are those behaviors that will never change no matter how the company changes. Today, our values are not only painted on the walls, but also discussed from the first day an employee joins Beryl. We start every big meeting with a conversation about values and tell stories about how our coworkers live by those values on a daily basis.

2. Camaraderie

Camaraderie is about having fun. It's about getting to know colleagues not just as colleagues, but what they're like outside the office. To do that, Beryl hosts dress-up days, parties, games, and events all the time. We have annual traditions like family day, the Gong show, March Madness, the fall festival, and a holiday party. We include not only employees, but also their families. We publish a bi-monthly full-color magazine called Beryl Life that is sent to the homes of co-workers. Kids of our employees compete to design the t-shirt for our annual family day and families even participate in our talent show

3. Celebrations

You can't underestimate the importance of recognizing your team. While it may be important for your people to hear from the CEO, it also feels great for them to hear from peers. At Beryl, we developed a program we call PRIDE (Peers Recognizing Individual Deeds of Excellence). This allows coworkers to recognize others for living up to Beryl's core values. We also have quarterly contests for people who have received PRIDE certificates. We go out of our way to celebrate personal successes too, like baby showers, sports accomplishments, or educational milestones.

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