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Patric Chocolate

Missourian's heartfelt business of fine chocolate making leads to discriminating taste buds worldwide

Patric with chocolate bars

Story and photo by Phil Leslie |

Alan McClure is passionate about chocolate. He's so passionate he's made it his life's work. But his is not just any kind of chocolate. McClure makes gourmet single-source-cacao products in his factory in the northeast corner of Columbia, Mo.

Patric Chocolate, the company he founded in 2006, strives to please the palate of the most discriminating chocolate connoisseur. This is not Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory with Oompa-Loompas churning out Wonka Bars by the hundreds of cases.

In the spring of 2006, he turned to Virginia Wilson, a Small Business & Technology Development Center counselor in Columbia with MU's University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She helped her chocolate-maker client determine the level of financial resources he would need to secure a production facility, obtain equipment and procure a steady flow of raw inventory ... the all-important cacao.

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