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InnovativeĀ intellectuals

Meet two business-savvy medical deviceĀ inventors


Stories by Stephanie Detillier | Photos by Nicholas Benner | MIZZOU magazineĀ 

Engineering better surgical tools

At age 28, Rebecca Rone has already co-founded two medical device companies in Columbia and is searching for commercial partners to license several other inventions. It’s quite an accomplishment for an engineer, who typically isn’t well versed in surgical needs or business plans. Such unfamiliar territories might take inventors much of their careers to navigate, but Rone, BS BE ’06, sped through the learning curve in just one year during her fellowship with the MU Biodesign and Innovation Program.

Surgery resident, businessman, innovator

It would be impossible to sum up Anthony Harris’ occupations and aspirations in a single sentence. He’s a first-year general surgery resident at MU who enjoys tinkering in his garage. He’s a stylish dresser who holds an MBA and multiple patents. He’s a personable entrepreneur who has lost thousands of dollars trying to produce a sturdy closet hanger for belts. But his innovative spirit lives.

After his 2008–09 MU Biodesign and Innovation fellowship, Harris decided to stay at Mizzou for his general surgery residency and start a laparoscopic device company, Adroit Motion. The company has office space at the MU Life Science Business Incubator.

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