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Herbal Oats founders create healthy snacks

Steven Adamski and Sarah Newsome bake granola bars in Cafe Berlin

Herbal Oats co-founder Steven Adamski prepares granola bars.

Story by Kayla Alewel | Photo by Mallory Benedict | Vox magazine

Frustrated by fatty foods and not-so-nutritious grains, Steven Adamski decided to go lean by baking his own granola bars at home as a hobby during the summer of 2007.

Adamski met fellow Herbal Oats co-founder Sarah Newsome in a food preparation class at MU that fall. They shared a love for health foods, and when Adamski told Newsome he created granola bars, she volunteered to taste test. After months of tweaking the recipe, and with the persuasion of his friends, the duo decided to take their treats to the streets. In March 2008, they obtained a business license and started the company.

This story first appeared in Vox on Feb. 24, 2011.

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