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3-D Lab

MU Engineering makes state-of-the-art prototypes

Thermoplastic roller bearing.

Story by Steve Adams | MU News Bureau

When Microdyne, LLC, needed help building a prototype for a dairy cattle breeding device, the company, was introduced to Mike Klote, manager of the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering prototype development facility. MU’s prototype lab developed the plastic casing for the device, and Microdyne is now offering a patented product, the “TattleTale™,” to dairy farmers around the country.

Prototype manufacturing utilizes a process called additive manufacturing, wherein a model is developed on the computer and the prototype machines create the model, layer by layer. With the MU lab’s electronic circuit design, circuit board development and traditional machining capabilities, the prototype development facility is a one-stop shop. The lab has created prototypes as varied as a canine leg bone for veterinary medicine students to a plastic roller bearing developed for a local industry.

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