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Student clubs andĀ support

As an educational institution, the University of Missouri offers key resources for even the earliest of entrepreneurs in the areas of business formation and growth.


CLIMB is a student organization funded by University of Missouri with an initial grant from Kauffman Foundation. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the exchange of entrepreneurial ideas and create a meeting place for people with ideas and people with experience and resources to realize those ideas.


The Entrepreneurship Alliance

The Alliance is designed to nurture entrepreneurship characteristics, such as a passion for business; a knack for innovation; initiative; self-confidence; tenacity despite failure; and the ability to manage risk, create opportunities, work well within a team, and handle multiple details. Entrepreneurship traits like these can’t be taught solely from a textbook, so the coursework is supplemented by activities in which students interact with entrepreneurs, work in teams and participate in business plan, pitch competitions. During the first week of the program, the class broke into teams and competed at an outdoor obstacle course, Mizzou Venture Out. The goals of the physical and mental challenges are to build self-confidence and teamwork, as well as communication and problem-solving skills. By bringing together students from a variety of disciplines, the program lets aspiring entrepreneurs learn from each other.

Student Angel Capital Program

The Student Angel Capital Program is a cross-disciplinary, student-managed angel investment fund that allows undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Missouri the opportunity to learn angel and venture capital investment strategies through first-hand experience of investing in high-growth Missouri start-up companies.

MU Small Business and Technology Development Center

Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs, including University faculty, with pre-venture, start-up or existing business with financial management, marketing, technology and product development and commercialization issues.

Mizzou Engineering Rapid Prototyping

Mizzou’s College of Engineering’s Prototype Development Facility offers state-of-the-art technology for academics and industries alike. MU’s purchase of five high-quality 3-D printers has allowed the college to excel as one of the leaders in prototype development. MU’s Prototype Development Facility offers incredible opportunities with both speed and affordable costs.

MU Unions Entrepreneurial Program

The Unions Entrepreneurial program, supported by the Missouri Student Unions, was established to nurture creativity among MU students while allowing them a high-traffic venue in the MU Student Center to fulfill their entrepreneurial endeavors. The goal of the program is to promote student entrepreneurship at the University of Missouri. The program connects innovative students with the resources they need to execute and operate an original business idea.