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Academic resources

First and foremost, the University of Missouri is an academic institution.  Fortunately, once you apply/register, you can elect to take a wide variety of classes to prepare yourself for the world of entrepreneurship and business on a formal level.  We even have a dedicated minor!

Academic Courses

There are many courses offered at Mizzou that directly benefit aspiring entrepreneurs.  Here are a few: AG_ECON 3224 (New Products Marketing), MANGMT 3540 (Introduction to Business Law), MANGMT 4770 (Entrepreneurial Innovation Management: Enterprise Operation), MANGMT 4770 (Principles of Entrepreneurship), AG_ECON 3283 (Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship), and more.  The courses listed also work toward the Minor in Entrepreneurship described below.  Fundamentally, any course at Mizzou could be helpful in one way or another depending on your individual needs and circumstance. Visit the University Registrar for more information!


Minor in Entrepreneurship

The minor consists of 16 credit hours. Students must complete coursework in management, creativity, and innovation, as well as in a workshop series that represents a common learning experience for all MU entrepreneurship minors. Three hours of coursework is required in each area, and a one hour experiential seminar course.