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University of Missouri

The Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development has been restructured. We have new leaders that are rethinking the way we have done things in the past, so the university can be a more effective economic driver for the state.

Bill Turpin was recently appointed as the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Development. Bill serves as the President of the Missouri Innovation Center, where he works with faculty, students and local entrepreneurs to start and grow technology-based companies at the Mizzou Life Science Business Incubator. In addition, he now will oversee MU’s business engagement efforts, drive more sponsored research, develop new student programs, expand and improve innovation and entrepreneurship curricula, and many other initiatives. Bill will be collaborating with other campus units to fulfill the organizational challenges that have been identified.


Bill Turpin, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, heads up a restructured Office of Economic Development.

  1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Elevate Branded Student Programs
    • Promote Entrepreneurship Clubs · Create new student educational and accelerator programs
    • Recognition and incentives for entrepreneurial activities
    • Faculty support with training programs, grant writing support, Venture Mentoring, and other programs to encourage entrepreneurship
    • Design new methods of seed and gap funding mechanisms
  2. Technology Advancement
    • Identify and progress technology assets
    • Support translational research
    • Identify commercial partners and build asset leads and relationships
    • Support entrepreneurs
    • Improve IP Management
    • Build a customer-focused culture
  3. Industry Partnerships and Engagement
    • Connect University priorities, innovation and talent to corporate partners
    • Drive additional revenue
    • Actively promote the top technologies in the UM System portfolio
    • Customer-focused alignment
    • Work with MU Alumni in executive roles
    • Transform our vendor relationships into more impactful partnerships


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