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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Columbia, MO

We encourage you to check out some of the most valuable entreprenurial resources available to mid-Missouri here: The Mid-Missouri Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Map and The Mid-Missouri Entrepreneurial Calendar

Columbia, Mo. has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that is supported by the Regional Economic Development Inc. (REDI), the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC), the Missouri Innovation Center, Centennial Investors, and an active community of independent investors.

Here at the University, we have organizations like C.L.I.M.B and Mizzou Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) that support entrepreneurship. This year, we are hosting the first annual "Bringing Up Business: Mid-Missouri's Innovation Week" to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation in mid-Missouri. This week-long series of events will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, and those who support them, to connect and partner in new ways, and to celebrate the vast resources available in the Mid-Missouri Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

There’s always lots of entrepreneurial events happening in and around Columbia. Check out the Mid-Missouri Entrepreneurial Calendar to see a complete list of upcoming events.