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Steve Wyatt, J.D.

Vice Provost for Economic Development

On January 1, 2010, Steve Wyatt was appointed the first MU Vice Provost for Economic Development. His responsibilities focus on MU’s economic development agenda, which includes supporting Missouri’s businesses and enterprises, economic development community, and promoting MU’s economic impact.  Steve provides oversight for the Provost’s seven functional economic development committees:

  • Commercialization of inventions and other intellectual property,
  • MU’s impact as an economic driver,
  • Direct support for existing businesses,
  • Development of a professional workforce,
  • Direct support for recruiting and retaining businesses to Missouri,
  • Contributing to a high quality of life,
  • Policy research that underlies economic development activity.

Steve has been actively involved in several major accomplishments at MU, including Savage River’s decision to locate a production facility that commercialized MU’s soy chicken in 2012, the sale of RADIL for $43 million in 2011, and recruitment of IBM with 700 employees in 2010.  MU has continued to strengthen its entrepreneurial culture with entrepreneurship minor, equity interests in startup ventures, and support for existing business.

Prior to this appointment, Steve served as the MU Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and, Statewide Business Development Program Director for University of Missouri College of Engineering and University Extension.  Steve’s key responsibility was to provide entrepreneurship leadership within the College of Engineering.  In addition, Steve provided leadership for the Missouri Small Business Development Centers, Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Missouri Federal and State Technical program, Career Options, Missouri Market Development, Missouri Film Office, and various environmental programs. Steve was responsible for technical assistance programs of nearly $10 million that generated a $1 billion in annual impact.

Steve began his involvement with the University as a Missouri Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) counselor in 1987. He became the Associate Director for the Missouri SBDC in 1989. As Associate Statewide Director, he provided leadership for the internal operations of the SBDC, provided legal assistance to University Extension and directed the Missouri Procurement Assistance Center. In 2001, Steve became the Statewide Business Development Program Director, and in September of 2008, was named Associate Dean in the College of Engineering and Extension Associate Professor.

Since 2002, Steve has served on the Director’s Council for the national eXtension Initiative and Foundation. He was recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for Group Honor award of Excellence for his work on eXtention in 2008.

Steve received his BS degree in business administration from the Liberty University, VA in 1986, his MBA from the University of Missouri in 1989, and his JD from the University of Missouri in 1990. He is a member of the Missouri Bar and practices law on a part-time basis.

Steve is certified as an Economic Development Finance Professional by the National Development Council.  He is married to Tamela and has three children.

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